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Bonus pp osu

osu PP Calculator

bonus pp osu
Osu! Improving Yourself Guide Hidden mod gives a great 8% bonus pp which is always going to be beneficial for those pp hungry players. Personally, I never learned Hidden mod on its own. Hidden is a mod which is self-explanatory and simply requires you to get comfortable with the type of reading required for it. Add it to your favourite

osu的pp等级机制具体是怎么样的? - 知乎

Calculate pp for a beatmap directly in your browser. This extension is surprisingly accurate and appealing yet not flawless. I know cases like this basically never happen, but I gotta point this out, when entering an Accuracy lower than 17 the calculation works for 100% Accuracy instead, I can guess this happens because an accuracy below 17 is not possible for an FC because if you get 100% 50

performance · ranking | osu!

osu!Gatari clan system firedigger December 6, 2017 Abstract To have the top FL score by pp is god-tier, so the bonus is counted as if the star rating was 3 time higher than normal. After applying star rating bonuses and calculating basic points they are multiplied based

[osu!] Length, diffspike and pp calculations - YouTube

osu! is a rhythm game based on the gameplay of a variety of popular commercial rhythm games.While aiming to keep authentic gameplay and scoring, osu! increases the epic factor through online rankings, multiplayer, replay exchange, and a huge community following.Also available is a fully functional built-in editor, allowing intuitive creation of your own beatmaps for the songs you want to play.

Improving by Grinding the PP Bonus : osugame

There is also bonus pp based on the number of ranked maps you have a score on. The bonus is: 416.6667 (1- 0.9994 Number_of_scores). When I looked at that, the first thing that came to my mind was “oh, I guess my total pp earned from scores is actually 417 less than I thought.”

Bonus PP calculator · forum | osu!

bonus pp osu
1 hvick225 => pp: 10451, bonus pp: 393 2 Rafis => pp: 9899, bonus pp: 294 3 _index => pp: 9435, bonus pp: 309 4 WubWoofWolf => pp: 9399, bonus pp: 416 5 My Aim Sucks => pp: 9348, bonus pp: 307 6 Angelsim => pp: 9227, bonus pp: 262 7 My Angel Enju => pp: 9223, bonus pp: 309 8 - Hakurei Reimu- => pp: 9071, bonus pp

Releases · RoanH/osu-BonusPP · GitHub

bonus pp osu
Download Sync Here: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/685031My Profile: https://osu.ppy.sh/u/11218620My Skin: https://bit.ly/NarratorSkinMy Discord: https://discord

osu!Gatari clan system

RoanH / osu-BonusPP. Sign up Why GitHub? Features → Code review; Project management

Incorrect Calculation of Average · Issue #1 · RoanH/osu

bonus pp osu
PerformancePlus (PP+) is an unofficial osu!Standard ranking system meant to better represent player skill. It features Player Rankings, both Global and national, and Global Play Rankings , each for 8 different (sub)skill categories, detailed player profiles and map leaderboards for any ranked beatmap sorted by PP+ performance.

How To Get A PP Counter in osu! - YouTube

bonus pp is pp you can get by sumbitting scores on ranked maps. AFAIK index passed www in pp by sumbiting NFDT 20% tv size scores. and also you can get max 416 bonus pp. osu! is a rhythm game based on the gameplay of a variety of popular commercial rhythm games such as Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents. 185k. circle clickers.


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